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Cold Rolled Annealed Steel Strip
2017-07-02 16:57:52


Annealed steel strips/ coils are produced by the process of annealing wherein to alter its physical and properties such as strength and hardness . Annealing increases the ductility and makes steel softer. Guangwei Youliang mainly produce bright annealing steel strips and spherodized steel strips.
Bright annealing is to put steel coil into confined space of annealing furnace and heat it to a high temperature. At this point, a suitable temperature is maintained. After this, the steel inside annealing furnace, is cooled slowly and then comes to bright surface, which won't cause decarbonization.
Spheroidization is achieved by holding steel for a prolonged period at temperatures near the lower critical point or by a cyclic heating and subsequent cooling close to these temperatures. The process can be accelerated by prior deformation or hardening. Spheriodized steel strips are used for various application requiring maximum cold forming.
Cold rolled annealed steel strips are mainly suitable for products require severe bending and shaping before heat-treatment to very high hardness, such as springs, washers, spacers, clips, pin, inserts, shoe shank,toe cap,auto components, auto clutches, etc.
Annealing dimensions
thickness: 0.08mm to 4.00mm
width: 2mm to 320mm
hardness: max 180HV
surface: polish, bright
edge: mill, slit, sheared