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What's the application of our steel strip material ?
2017-09-20 09:52:19

 GuangZhouShiGuangWeiYouLiang Co., Ltd., is a leading supplier with high carbon steel strip, alloy steel strip and stainless steel strip ,products in two heat treatment ways - hardening &tempering conditions and cold rolled annealing conditions. 

GWYL offers you years of expertise with a vast range of materials including but not limited to:
•hardened and tempered steel strips/coils/sheet
•cold rolled annealed steel strips/coils/sheet
•c67s, c70s, c75s high carbon spring steel strip
•C50s, c55s, c60s medium carbon steel strip
•50CrV4, 51CrV4, 60Si2Mn alloy steel strip
•AISI420 stainless steel strip
•Steel strapping .
1) construction tools(trowels,putty knives,scrapers,spatulas)
2) cutting tools(bandsaw balde)agriculture tools
3) roller shutter spring,roller shutter door,spring clip,metal clip
4) shoes metal accessories(shoes insole,shoes shank,toe caps)
5) shims and washers for automobile etc .